Scottsdale AZ Real Estate
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How to Customize Your Search

Click on Each Tab to Select Property Features

Edit Search - Opens the menu to the left, to allow users to select the search preferences.

Click on the bar and it opens to make your selection as shown in next photo.

Each of the bars offer selections to create a custom search for the specific property features desired.

When finished, click on "View Results" for a list of properties, which can be sorted by clicking the catagory headings.

List tab – this tab shows all of the listings in a group. Compare listings easily here.
Detail tab – here, you’ll see a more detailed listing report. If you’d like, you can also use a Mortgage Calculator on the Detail tab.

Photos tab – look at all of the photos for a listing here. Click on the arrows to navigate through the photos.

Map tab – plot the listings on a map here. You can move the map around and zoom in to get a better look.

Compare tab – this tab shows some brief statistics to compare the selected listings to others in the list.


To Use the Mapping Feature